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Community Fridge Project 

Victoria's first Community Fridge is NOW OPEN and located at 2725 Rock Bay Avenue (at the corner of David St.) *The fridge is on the David St. side facing the Centennial United Church

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Using the fridge

The fridges operate on a “take what you need, leave what you can” basis, and we are excited to strengthen our community in this way. Everyone is welcome to take whatever they need from the fridge, whenever. How much food people take is totally up to them! Lots of different factors can influence how much food people are taking, but we ask that users are not policed or monitored. There is enough food for everyone, even if it runs low at some points!


Donation guidelines

What we accept:
- Fresh fruit and vegetables
- Unopened or bulk dry goods (pasta, rice, legumes, baking supplies)
- Sealed hygiene items (diapers, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, tampons, pads,
- Sealed pet food
- Snacks (granola bars, crackers, etc.)

Yes, if labeled with a best before date:
- Bread and pastries
- Fresh eggs
- Dairy products or alternatives
- Soy products and meat alternatives


What we do not accept:
- Open or used items
- Raw meat or seafood
- Opened or half eaten food (unless individually packaged)
- Alcohol
- Mouldy or seriously damaged bread or produce
- Frozen food
- Leftovers or premade meals*
*We can only accept cooked meals from commercial, licensed kitchens, and they must be
properly labeled. Please contact us before dropping off any cooked goods!

Ways to get involved:

*Please note we are a mutual aid group, not a non-profit and thus cannot provide a tax receipt for donations. 

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For updates and fridge contents follow us on instagram @communityfridgevictoria

Questions? Want to host a fridge? Email us!

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